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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ribbons Delivered

The Green Mile Relay moved 52 Halifax-bound green ribbons to their destination at Province House Thursday, after five solid days of walking, and biking.

The ribbons were received and CAN facilitator Anna-Maria Galante, who walked and bussed the final leg from Mount Uniacke, Thursday morning, was acknowledged by the entire House, in the Gallery. Visit our sister site to see all of Anna Quon's photo highlights:

Kings South MLA and Natural Resources Minister David Morse and Kings North MLA and Environment Minister Mark Parent both made a point of speaking to the CAN members present, and received ribbons for making an effort to see Al Gore's documentary on climate change, "An Inconvenient Truth."

The first caucus to get all its ribbons on - by attending a special screening of the Gore movie - will be publicly acknowledged, and Andrea Flowers, the Ecology Action Centre's movie outreach co-ordinator, has arranged three such screenings.

Close to the 30 volunteers in all helped complete a chain of walking and cycling from the Valley to Halifax. Participants got free rides from Kings Transit, in the Valley, and Metro Transit, in the Halifax Regional Municipality, as well as Green Rider van commuter service.

The chain began last Friday, when 19 volunteers helped transfer a knapsack, packed with ribbons for the provincial MLAs, from Coldbrook as far as JustUs! Coffee Roasters, Grand Pre, where the ribbons were parked for the week-end.

On Monday, four walkers took the ribbons to Hantsport, and Galante continued on solo to Windsor where the chain continued. Other solo walkers and cyclists were Araminta Midkiff (10 km); Jan Hermiston (10 km on the route); and Mike Hartlen (20 km on the route.)

Thanks go out to:-
Friday's walkers: Kevin Ward, Chris Alders, Rosemary and Trevor Lloyd, Leslie Wade, Diana Church, Karen Harris, Jeannie Gibson, Rev. Lynn Uzans, Paul Taylor, Richard Hennigar, Linda O'Neill, Matthew Keoughan, Patrick Bazinet, Maureen Grant, Mercedes Brian, Logan Grant (age 16), and Ellis Brian-Clayton (age 10).
Monday's walkers: Robin Young (age 16); Lisa Hammett Vaughan; her appropriately named dog, Miles; and Heather Davidson, who helped move the ribbons to Hantsport with me, and Sandy Burbidge who met me at the Windsor town limit after I'd come about 23 km from Hantsport solo. Thank you also to Karen Harris, who gave me a lift home.
Tuesday's walker and cyclist in the rain: Araminta Midkiff and Jan Hermiston: who did 10 or more km each on the route; although Jan cycled from Hantsport to avoid burning gas at all! All told, this took her about five hours.
Wednesday's cyclist: Mike Hartlen who covered close to 40 km on his own.
Thursday's walkers: my brother Marcello Galante, who walked across the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge with me, long-time friend Anna Quon; Andrea Flowers and Mark Butler from the Ecology Action Centre, and Ruth Gamberg. Thanks to my mother, Nancy Galante who got me back to the Green Rider stop early. Pictured above right, are Anna Quon, Andrea Flowers, Marcello Galante and me.
Kings Transit drivers Allen and Murray; manager Brian Hackett; Metro Transit drivers on the #83 and #87; Green Rider drivers Chuck and Kevin.
Reporters Patty Mintz of The Regional, Gordon Delaney of the Halifax Herald, and Pam Berman of Information Morning.


Blogger The Gifted Typist said...

After you've marched these ribbons to Halifax, you'd better get some up to Ottawa as the gov't up there doesn't seem to comprehend the green thing.

all the best. I will post something on your journey soon

8:21 AM

Blogger Tuco said...

Great blog, love your politics. You might be interested in a petition at

asking the Fed. Gov. to promote cycling as a preferred means of transportation. Check it out and spread the word if you agree with it. Take care!

12:51 PM

Blogger The Gifted Typist said...

Congratulations. You've managed to prick politicians with green pins and they were scrambling to "be seen" taking their pricks of green.

Keep stickin' 'em Anna Maria. This issue isn't going away

4:28 PM


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