Help Us Demand Action for Climate Change: Wear a Green Ribbon

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So you've seen Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, or have donated money for a ribbon, and you're wondering about what your MLA can do?
Ask about:
- a sustainable transportation fund.
- Eight-year phase-out of ATVs.
- Either filters or bio-diesel required for school buses.
- Standard Offer Contracts for green power generation by private individuals.
- Sundays off: give the environment a break as well as the employees.
- No to Mega-Quarries: strip-mining releases GHGs.
- No idling policy for all govt. vehicles. Fleet replacement with hybrids or better.
- Lights and air conditioning off in office buildings at night. (Tax breaks on timers?)
- Links to other levels of government so municipalities can receive help and direction with green initiatives.
Items like streetlight replacement can be considered from a green perspective.
- Support for local food production and marketing, especially farm markets.


Blogger eNDPollution said...

This is not a new idea but it would be nice to see an annual litterless lunch day in Nova Scotia where people of all ages bring a lunch to school/work that creates absolutely no litter. This could raise great awareness that it is possible to create a lot less litter than we do.

8:17 AM

Blogger Anna-Maria said...

Great idea. It would be nice to see posters up promoting the idea in all school cafeterias.

6:48 PM

Blogger Kate said...

Anna-maria, I'm involved in trying to get the Province to think differently about the role our rural schools play in sustainability. With the twin spectres of Climate Change and Oil Depletion looming, we must ensure that our rural communities remain strong and viable - especially because we are going to have to ramp up local, organic food production SOON.

In many of our small, rural communities, our elementary schools serve vital functions beyond elementary education. Our schools are meeting spaces, CAP Sites, adult education and skills development centers... and they're often the only local infrastructure we have.

A Provincial Government truly dedicated to long term sustainability would ensure that our rural schools are not only protected, but supported as centers of rural sustainability. The unpaid work of volunteers makes these structures vibrant, living spaces. If we were able to combine Education, Health, and Economic Development funding and focus it on supporting rural schools as the multi-functional structures they already (informally) are, we would go a long way towards ensuring the viability of rural life.

This is a complex issue, and one I'd love to talk with you about, as it would appear we're both working on related issues at opposite ends of the province. Feel free to reach me at, if you'd like to share ideas.

Great work - keep it up!

Kate Oland

9:18 AM


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