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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Background: Province House or Bust

My name is Anna-Maria Galante, and I'm prepared to walk from the Valley to Province House for climate change action.
Since saying so in public, I've had some offers of assistance with this task. (Thankfully.) I am a mother of three, a former full-time journalist who gave up corporate journalism for self-employment.

I am not a passionate activist - I am an ordinary person who is awake to reality.
Ironically, I am married to a chemical engineer with whom I have spent the last 15 years debating this point. When he was finally convinced by Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," I knew real action was possible. It's got less to do with whether I like Al Gore. I've heard David Suzuki say most of the same things. But for some reason, my husband, and a lot of other people missed those things.

So I haven't let a day go by without flogging the message, since the two of us held an impromptu sit-in at Empire Theatres in July.
The result was Empire bringing the film back in September; and it was held over at the Acadia Cinema with a discussion panel later the same month.


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