Help Us Demand Action for Climate Change: Wear a Green Ribbon

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Why Green Ribbons? Who's got them? Who's next?

The sustainability ribbon is both honour and reminder.
David Suzuki, Raffi and Elizabeth May all responded ahead of Al Gore. His was sent by mail.
The ribbon is meant to honour efforts that impact climate change through sustainability; whether individual, group or government.
Proceeds beyond material costs will be held for a sustainable transportation fund.

Suzuki got his ribbon by mail, and wrote to say so. My kids presented Elizabeth May with her ribbon when she spoke at Acadia University. This was appropriate as she was talking about the importance of family and community.

Raffi picked up his ribbon Sept. 23 at the Acadia Cinema, where he gave a unique presentation on Child Honoring: the subject of an anthology and his personal philosophy.
The book's forward was written by the Dalai Lama, and lays the foundation for everything this site is trying to accomplish: securing a future for our children.
See the links box to read about the book.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Stones Concert

The tape got wet, but my sister and brother got 120 ribbons up in the porta-potties at the Rolling Stones concert in the pouring rain Saturday night. We have no idea how many got picked up ... but we thank them for the effort!!
"I don't think the ribbons were in vain. 120 were available to people for taking (5 bags with 120 ribbons divied-up). I don't know how many were taken, we couldn't even get back there at the end of the night because we were so soaked we could barely walk and we had to get back downtown to wait for buses to get us back to Dartmouth. It was pretty miserable as far as the rain went." - Rosalia Galante

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Between 250 and 300 at Acadia Cinema

Sept. 14
As many were turned away from last night's showing of "An Inconvenient Truth" as who went in to the 160-seat Al Whittle theatre. The line-up was out the door and down the street at 6:30 p.m. Thanks to Paul Taylor, who ran to get ribbons and safety pins, CCAN was able to keep handing out green ribbons after my own car and fridge magnets dwindled. We collected $12 in freewill donations that will be used to promote the walk.
I am going back to the theatre today to fill a table with more free ribbons.
There are shows at 12 noon and 7 p.m. - with the potential of overflow shows at 2, 4 and 9 p.m.
Bill Zimmerman's phone number:542-5157.
John Bennett was the star of the panel and gave me a free Climate Action Tour t-shirt after. After the panel's initial presentation, I got up on stage with a map showing projected shoreline changes to Kings County - provided by NSCC student Doug Stiff. Thank you, Doug.
More details to come soon.


So you've seen Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, or have donated money for a ribbon, and you're wondering about what your MLA can do?
Ask about:
- a sustainable transportation fund.
- Eight-year phase-out of ATVs.
- Either filters or bio-diesel required for school buses.
- Standard Offer Contracts for green power generation by private individuals.
- Sundays off: give the environment a break as well as the employees.
- No to Mega-Quarries: strip-mining releases GHGs.
- No idling policy for all govt. vehicles. Fleet replacement with hybrids or better.
- Lights and air conditioning off in office buildings at night. (Tax breaks on timers?)
- Links to other levels of government so municipalities can receive help and direction with green initiatives.
Items like streetlight replacement can be considered from a green perspective.
- Support for local food production and marketing, especially farm markets.

Background: Province House or Bust

My name is Anna-Maria Galante, and I'm prepared to walk from the Valley to Province House for climate change action.
Since saying so in public, I've had some offers of assistance with this task. (Thankfully.) I am a mother of three, a former full-time journalist who gave up corporate journalism for self-employment.

I am not a passionate activist - I am an ordinary person who is awake to reality.
Ironically, I am married to a chemical engineer with whom I have spent the last 15 years debating this point. When he was finally convinced by Al Gore's documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," I knew real action was possible. It's got less to do with whether I like Al Gore. I've heard David Suzuki say most of the same things. But for some reason, my husband, and a lot of other people missed those things.

So I haven't let a day go by without flogging the message, since the two of us held an impromptu sit-in at Empire Theatres in July.
The result was Empire bringing the film back in September; and it was held over at the Acadia Cinema with a discussion panel later the same month.